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“TM Heals PTSD”

“How Meditation is Helping
Veterans Heal”

“Use a treatment for PTSD
that actually works”

“Transcendental meditation:
A path to healing”

Over half a million U.S. troops deployed since 2001 suffer from PTSD, however, less than 20% will receive
adequate care, due to:
= lack of effective, affordable treatments
= fear of stigma.
More than 1500 veterans and active duty personnel with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) have learned TM.
Here’s what they have to say…

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The TM Advantage
Highly effective at reducing PTSD and related conditions
Depression | Anger | Anxiety | Insomnia |
Substance abuse | Pain | High blood pressure and heart disease
Reduces use of psychotropic and other treatment medications
Easy to learn and practice (No concentrating or controlling the mind; no monitoring of thoughts)
No negative side effects
Portable! Can be practiced anywhere (Takes 20 minutes twice a day.)
Improves resiliency and leads towards peak performance

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