Learning TM®

or contact veterans@davidlynchfoundation.org to learn more.

The Transcendental Meditation® (TM) technique is taught in the same highly standardized way everywhere around the world. There are two stages to the course:

  • Core Training
  • Follow-Up

Core Training: Steps of Teaching

  • Orientation Meeting (60 minutes + Personal Interview)
  • Personal Instruction (60-90 minutes)—one on one
  • Three Days Checking (60-90 minutes each meeting)—group meetings

Personal Instruction and the Three Days Checking, which together comprise the core TM course, need to be done on four consecutive days.

Follow-Up Program at a Glance

The formal Follow-Up Program extends for about 90 days after Personal Instruction.

  • First month: Four Group Meetings (45-60 minutes)—once per week.
  • Second Month: Two Group Meetings (45-60 minutes)—every other week.
  • Third Month: One Group Meeting (45-60 minutes) at around 90 days.

One of these meetings will be a one-on-one personal meditation check-in.
At each Group Meeting the teacher will check in and connect with all the participants, review relevant points about meditation practice, and provide additional knowledge to support meditation practice.

All who learn TM have continued free access to follow-up classes and personal checking of TM at TM Centers around the world for the rest of their lives.

Cost—for TM Course and Lifetime Follow-up (for individual instruction at a TM Center)

  • Standard adult price: $960
  • Scholarship price for veterans with financial need: $720
  • For spouses of veterans learning with the veteran: $720
  • For full-time college students: $480
  • Course fee can be paid by check or credit card
  • Course payment can be spread over 4 months
  • Scholarships/funding are sometimes available through the TM Center, the David Lynch Foundation, or other sources, including the VA.

Institutional Programs

For information on structuring a program at your institution, please contact Dr. Jamie Grant at jgrant@tm.org. Costs may vary for institutional programs.